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About Us

About the Founder

Sarah Woodard is the founder of Packages of Hope, Inc. She and her husband Jeff and have a daughter named Adelynn Chen-Ge Woodard, adopted from the Jiangxi Province of China in July 2001, Mataya Ruo-Na Woodard also from Jiangxi, brought home in November 2005.

Sarah started Packages of Hope, Inc. because she wanted to be actively involved in what was being done to improve the lives of children in orphanages around the world. There are many remarkable organizations out there making a difference. Packages of Hope, Inc. is not in competition with them but a compliment to them. We want other people to share in the wonderful feeling you get when you know you've touched the life of a child. Big things can be accomplished when a handful of people want to do something meaningful. It's our team of dedicated volunteers who make things happen!

Profits from the book go to
benefit the children in China. DaughterfromAfar.com


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